The BORG SDSS data release

Last update: 25-05-2022

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This is the repository for the public releases of data products that follow a chrono-cosmographic analysis of the three-dimensional large-scale structure of the nearby Universe, as traced by SDSS main sample galaxies. These data are the product of a collaboration of Jens Jasche, Florent Leclercq and Benjamin Wandelt, with additional contributions from Nico Hamaus, Guilhem Lavaux and P.M. Sutter.

Hierarchical representation of a black-box data modelSlice through the cosmic density field (left side) and radial velocity field (right side) inferred by BORG from SDSS data and estimated using phase-space interpolation techniques. The slice is about 3 Mpc/h thick around the celestial equator. Figures by Florent Leclercq (Leclercq et al. 2017), montage by Guilhem Lavaux.

The BORG SDSS data release is organised in the form of several "packages" (see below); each of them is related to some of our publications. These contain three-dimensional maps of the Universe, object catalogues, and Jupyter notebooks that permit to reproduce the results of our papers. Each package consists of a tar.gz archive available from the Aquila Consortium and linked below, as well as a Jupyter notebook available from the GitHub repository. Packages are also stored in the GitHub repository via GitHub LFS. Please refer to the notebook in each of the packages for more information on the data and their use, as well as a list of the papers to cite.

For questions or request of additional data products, please do not hesitate to contact us, or to create a new issue in the GitHub repository.